Other activities and hobbies

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I love to travel and have been to a good number of countries. It is fascinating to see and experience different places, countries, nature and landscapes, cultures, cusines, history, arts, heritage, and yet with all those diferences note the similarities that we as humans share.


In 2020 I adopted a 7 year old dog who has been my companion since. Despite his rural beginnings (he was picked up as stray south of Tallahassee and brought to the shelter) Mihay demonstrated great adaptability and has travelled quite a bit domestically. He lived with me for a few months in NYC (in Little Italy right in the heart of Manhattan) and in Pasadena CA while I visited NYU and Caltech respectively. We drove across the country both times. He also drove with me a couple of times all the way to Key West and a number of times to south Florida as well as other places. Despite his advanced age, he remains very curious.



Dancing has been my hobby for many years. I explored contemporary, ballroom and, more recently, argentine tango. I also just enjoy dancing as moving with the music, each person in their own way.
Here is about 15 year old picture of me practicing with a dance instructor before the competiton when as a hobby I focused on ballroom.

Yoga and Meditation

Over the years I have done yoga and meditation. I ened up completing yoga teacher training and got a certificate as a by-product of wanting to pursue it as a hobby a little more deeply.

Feldenkrais method

All my life I had excercise- or generally body-engagement hobbies. My general enjoyment in exploring and studying things also resulted in my completion (as a hobby) of a formal training in the Feldenkrais method. Technically I should be able to practice if I ever wanted to, although I didn't do it to practice. I find that engaging the mind in a diverse set of interests also helps productivity in professional engagements, in adition to generally contributing to a balanced human wellbeing.

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